Sad Songs and Sing​-​Alongs

by Columbus

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7-track EP released by Brisbane punk/emo band Columbus.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jack Donnelly at Queensland Conservatorium of Music.


released October 16, 2013

Columbus would like to thank:
Alexi Paasonen, Aaron Himstedt, Jack Donnelly Gareth Sykes, Loki Discordia, David Beattie, Whiskey and Speed, The Effects of Boredom, Dave’s Pawn Shop, What We’re Worth, Hometown Heroes, Malibu Stacy, Heart Grenade Promotions, coffee, Lil B The Based God. #TYBG, Pizza, everyone who’s played with us, put us on a show, come to a show and finally, all our friends and family for putting up with us.



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Columbus Brisbane, Australia

We are Columbus, a punk/emo band from Brisbane, Australia.

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Track Name: Talking To Myself
I've been, thinking about getting out of bed
But I haven't brought myself to it
The world I'm just so through with it

All my time spent, thinking about nothing
And please don't listen to me
I was just talking to myself

I'm just talking to myself...
Track Name: Gutless
Why the fuck are you so gutless
I don't know why I put up with your shit
I'm sick of every single change of mind
So if you don't care I'm leaving all of it,

I just don't care, enough to even shed a tear
You're nothing to me

I could count my regrets on my fingers, but then I'd know how many times you fucked me around
Turn my back on the sound of your voice
I could forget the past but it lingers, all these stained memories I have to let go
Don't turn around cause I'm not saying goodbye

You ain't getting no forgiveness
once the steel's rusted it's never coming clean
It all ends in violence, broken ribs and noses
and cut up self esteem

I just don't care, enough to even shed a tear
You're the worst thing that ever happened to me
Track Name: Coffee, Desks and Promises
I've been sitting at this desk for too long now
Spilt coffee on my legs
I haven't moved from this seat for days
Sure I probably have, but In my head
I've been sitting here this whole time
The desk lamp on my face

And I've lost count of the hours
I've lost count of the days since I've seen your face
I'm just drinking coffee but it tastes like the promises I should have made

I'd rather be with you than be stuck here,
But I'm living in my head
And my dreams are all just nightmares underneath my bed
And my nightlight, I can't go another breath without you by my side
Track Name: Stop
I just don't feel it anymore
Kinda lost all the parts i adore
the ringing in my ears just won't stop
I just have to try shut my mind off

And i still think that we can change
And it know it won't be the same
on the other side when i turn out this light
will you be there when i turn it back on,
or will you be gone

I can't find a mix of right and wrong
Cause there's just so much going on
Why do you put these doubts in my head
I'd rather that you be silent instead
Track Name: The Miles Between Us Are Just Too Far To Walk On My Own
Take your time, you're gonna need what you got
When your head's in the clouds
and your heart's given up
Leave a footprint outside of the door
Then take your leave and don't come back no more

And it's another rainy day in the world I used to know
And outside it gets so cold, your skin just makes me numb
And you're just so far away that, I feel I'll screw it up
Because the miles between us, are just too far to walk on my own

Hold your breath for as long as you can
cause you don't need anything
Throwing my old clothes on to the sidewalk
Because they just don't fit me anymore

I'll wake up early tomorrow.
I'll wake up with a fucking smile.
It's easier to wade through the shit with a grin on your face.
And who knows, one day you might realise you're actually having fun.
Track Name: Going Under
Spend my whole life passing time
But I'm not learning from my mistakes
Just feeling all the earthquakes

Tomorrow's got me down
I'm going under the knife
For the first time in my life

Breath out, Breathe in
And I promise, you won't feel thing
Breathe out, Breath in
Cause I'm going under, Going under again

Spend my whole day nodding out
Cause I'm running out of pills to,
Help me forget you

And it all just doesn't stop
Feeling my mind drip,
Into my head trip
Track Name: Loathe
Dreams were built on these lies, that you just kept telling me
And I know that I can't trust you but I'll share some sympathy
Cause I'm as sober as I've ever been so out of my mind

And I don't know what I'm feeling it's just echoes in my head
A deep breath of fresh air as I get up from my bed
I'm not disappointed I'm just sick of your shit
Torturing my head again just a bit by bit

And I just wanna go home and pass the time
I'm gonna leave now everything will be fine
Just let me get you off my mind

And i don't know what I'm feeling, is it just itches in my skin?
I'm just so damn confused, but as good as I'm ever been

And I just wanna go home ans pass the time
I'm gonna leave now everything will be fine
Just let me get you off my mind