Alex The Kid // Columbus Split

by Columbus

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Split EP with Perth band Alex The Kid. Recorded at The Conservatorium of Music in Brisbane. Tracking and mixing done by Jack Donnelly. Mastered by Jacques Wait.

Pre-order a physical copy through Whitewinter Records Bigcartel.


released May 5, 2014

Big thank-you's must go to Alex The Kid, Whitewinter Records, Ben Docherty, Shaun Griffiths, Jack Donnelly, Jacques Wait, all our Brisbane + Interstate friends, Trophy Eyes, Malibu Stacy, True North, Hometown Heroes, Arrivals, Vitals, What We're Worth, Goon on the Rocks, Our Past Days, Dear Seattle, Yo Bag + heaps more who we've probably forgotten. Thank You.



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Columbus Brisbane, Australia

We are Columbus, a punk/emo band from Brisbane, Australia.

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Track Name: Hopeless
We laughed and cried, the fog covered the windshield, on this autumn night and I don't remember how deep my breathing was, but I swear I could, I never gave it another thought, I felt hollow but I swear I'm not Hopeless.

I'm sick of this place, the streets just feel so empty and all that I can taste is cold sweat on the tip of my tongue, I'm sick of your face for home this don't show a smile, somewhere out there is where I belong.
Track Name: Ninety-Four
I turn 20 next week, and I ain't done shit with my life, I'm just another kid with big dreams, and no real ambition but I don't know what I'm missing out on grass is always greener on the other side of the road, but I wish I could have known.

It's not my fault, that I'm so weak, most nights I don't get much sleep and I feel shit in the morning and I'm getting older everyday and If I had tell you it's all okay, then I'd have to be lying.

I spent last night killing time until I closed my eyes I spent last night killing time I'm sure that I'll be just fine.
Track Name: Nothing
And I promised, I'd come back If my confusion would let me, the bus left an hour ago, and I ain't waiting for the next one. You came in, you changed me I liked it but you made me something else I never was I was better off before you made me happy.

Don't bother leaving a message cause I'm not listening, if I call you up it doesn't mean that I love you, just that I've run out of words to say. And I asked for fucking nothing, and you gave me just that except for two scratches on my elbow and some memories that won't heal.

And i'd forget the weeks past if my patience would last, I can't help getting angry cause im in over my head, the cold breeze, I'm feeling can't stop myself thinking about turning home outside the train station at 6am.

Now I'm fucking nothing, just lying here like my keys on the floor, broken like my wristwatch, which doesn't fucking matter because, the time that we spent meant nothing to me, and I'm not even sad I'm just lying to myself.